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AFCAD ы некоторых аэродромов для станций в Антарктике, отсутствующие в широко известных пакетах. Проверено в FS9, работает также с AI трафиком. Сделано в AFCAD Editor на основе публично доступной информации, присутствуют простые схемы ВПП и перронов. Не ставится цель аккуратно воспроизвести фактически коды ИКАО и схемы аэродромов, в том числе из-за различий в фактических картах Антарктики и их реализации в FS9. Установка стандартная: скопируйте все bgl файлы в папку Addon SceneryScenery симулятора. Страна обозначена как "Антарктика". Аэродромы включают:

Станция "Молодёжная" (AT15)
Станция "Прогресс" (AT88)
McMurdo Station, Phoenix Airfield (NZFX)
Troll Airfield (AT27)
Halley Research Station (AT11)
Mowson Antarctic Station (MOWS)
Dome Fuji Station (FUJI)

Welcome to the Fly Away Simulation downloads section. Here you will find our library of freeware add-ons and mods for all of the major flight simulation packages. We feature Microsoft Flight Simulator X, Flight Simulator 2004 and have just started featuring X-Plane. Also included here will be files for Microsoft Flight, once the software has been released to the public. Adding additional aircraft or scenery to your flight sim is a great way to expand your experience and play for longer.

Freeware Aircraft & Helicopters

All of the add-ons here are freeware, you don’t even have to register to download, however a membership comes with many benefits including downloading files at full speed so that you don’t have to wait — more information about a registered account here. The most popular add-ons are aircraft; there are literally thousands of repaints and models available. There are even repaint kits, where a user may download a blank repaint pack and create their own custom aircraft with a livery of their choice and design.

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Scenery Expansions

Scenery expansions are also becoming increasingly popular and users will be able to find them here too; from global mesh scenery to missing airports. You may browse our categories below, or use the search function of our library. Each flight sim expansion has a description and image to preview the add-on in the sim.

Full Coverage for FSX, FS2004 & X-Plane

Installation Help

There are tutorials on our information pages with guides on how to install the addons, visit this page for installation help.

Microsoft Flight Simulator X

A Boeing 747 landing at the famous St Maarten airport. Screenshot from Microsoft Flight Simulator X.


  • AFCAD Files (1181)
  • Business Jet (189)
  • Civil (3925)
  • General Aviation (1310)
  • Helicopters (304)
  • Historic & Vintage (660)
  • Military (2200)
  • Misc (749)
  • Missions (430)
  • Other & Vehicles (210)
  • Panels & Gauges (197)
  • Propliners (314)
  • Scenery (3222)
  • Sound (7)
  • Turboprops (528)
  • Utilities (162)

X-Plane 11

Image shows a Saab 37 military aircraft flying over the French Alps. The screenshot was captured from X-Plane.

X-Plane Flight Simulator, developed by Laminar Research, has always been the simulator of choice for aviation professionals and professional simulator developers. This was usually the simulator used in commercial simulators and to train pilots for real-world scenarios because it was more customizable in these situations. When Microsoft announced the closure of the ACES studio (the team that developed Microsoft’s Flight Simulator), the community were more open to change and adopted the use of other simulation packages on the market. X-Plane has always been there, but only at the back of the minds of MSFS users.

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When Microsoft announced the closure, users of MSFS started looking elsewhere for a more advanced or "next-generation" simulator package. X-Plane 9 was the first choice and many users gave it a try. Fortunately for Microsoft users, Microsoft announced the development of "Microsoft Flight", the flight simulator package they would be releasing after Microsoft Flight Simulator X.

With the recent release of X-Plane 11, we have begun focusing our efforts on providing add-ons for this platform. X-Plane 11 is the future of flight simulators and many ex FSX users are adopting this platform as their next-generation flight simulator. This category is growing daily so stay tuned.


  • HD Mesh Scenery v4 (175)
  • UHD Mesh Scenery v4 (11)
  • Civil Heavy (65)
  • Helicopters & Rotorcraft (4)
  • Historic & Vintage (21)
  • Light General Aviation (34)
  • Military (31)
  • Other (9)
  • Scenery (67)
  • Scenery Libraries (30)
  • Utilities (1)

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004

Screenshot from Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004, showing AC500 flying over New Hampshire

The world environment was a serious upgrade from FS2002 and FS2004 shortly became the most popular flight simulator of all time. Even after the release of FSX, many avid flight simmers and users still think of FS2004 as the "ultimate" simulator and prefer it over later versions, claiming that the package is more stable and tried and tested.

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