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Genius metalstrike pro драйвер

Genius MetalStrike Pro Joystick Driver 1.0 for Windows 7


— Vibration feedback function lets you experience the effects of taking off, landing, stalling, bumps, crashes, etc.
— Three levels (off/1/2) of air control to keep your hand cool plus feel the effects of flying.
— 4-axis: X, Y, Z, and rudder for Aileron, Elevator, Throttle and power control ideal for simulated flight games.
— Turbo function for auto repeat — good for shooting in flight games.
— 13 programmable buttons include fire trigger, four fire buttons and eight base buttons.
— 8-way ‘point-of-view’ hat switch to change your view points when flying.
— Adjustable handle position provides comfortable control of your plane.

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Геймпад GENIUS MetalStrike Pro

драйвера Genius MetalStrike Pro

ОС: Microsoft Windows 98/ME/NT/2000 Windows XP 32/64-bit , Vista 32/64-bit
Размер: 21.4 Mb

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