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Apple watch series 3 ceramic

Introducing titanium. Reintroducing ceramic.

The most elegant expression of Apple Watch returns with two iconic materials — titanium and ceramic. Featuring all the innovations of Series 5 and the craftsmanship of traditional watchmaking. It’s as modern as can be and as classic as it gets.

Titanium. An Apple Watch first.

Titanium is one of the most sought-after materials in the watch world. It’s lighter than stainless steel, yet has twice the strength to weight ratio. For the natural brushed titanium finish, Apple invented a whole new surface treatment that is stain and fingerprint resistant to keep it looking immaculate. The space black titanium finish uses a diamond-like coating, making it both beautiful and incredibly durable.

Apple Watch Edition Gray Ceramic Case with Gray/Black Sport Band
42мм-37000 из США.

Новые!,в заводской упаковке.

Багратионовский проезд 7к2 БЦ Рубин
С 10 до 20

My apple watch series3 edition was broken (screen broke along the side and the body has little crack). I brought it to apple store and checking for service. After checking, they said from little crack on the watch body, this mean it’s accidental drop and it’s not cover by warranty. So, I have to pay about $900 since I live in Thailand for getting the replacement of the watch.

Should I pay for $900 for replacement of old apple watch edition series 3 with same model or just throw it away? Actually, I love my ceramic watch but paying $900 for out date model is too much for me.

anyone has same experience? what did you do?

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